The Clever Stuff

‘to buy what they otherwise might not have considered’.

By combining store visits with a sound knowledge base, we seek out areas of store that not only carry the highest footfall, but also give opportunity for us to cross-categorise your products providing the ultimate impulse purchase opportunity.

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We have a saying – ‘Fresh Air = Market Share’. This simple analogy is fundamental to our way of thinking, where there is ‘empty’ or ‘Fresh Air’ space in store, then there is potential for your product to be sited there. Potential for your products to be sited there selling without impacting on shelf presence.

Working with the brand and the retailer, we will develop ideas that can be implemented easily into these ‘white’ spaces, providing both the brand and the retailer with a successful campaign.


Meetings in the retail environment to ensure the ideas become reality
Advice on the most effective areas in-store for your brands
All displays are fully bespoke and tailored to both yours and the retailer requirements
Multiple manufacturing disciplines and advice on the most cost effective solutions