Case Studies

Day Lewis Visual

Day Lewis Pharmacy ‘P’ Product Backwall Display

Brief: Currently in-store the Pharmacy only products get ‘lost’ along the backwall of the pharmacy and customers are unaware that these products exist. We would like Screencraft to develop a solution to this problem. The products will need to stand out and easy for the customer to locate....Read more »

Tesco OFD Chocolate

Tesco (London Stores) ‘Chocolate’ FSDU

Brief: To Develop an FSDU with a high end ‘Premium’ feel to its design. The unit needs to display two premium chocolate brands with a varying stock load. Ideally the display will lead to customers buying the products as gifts, therefore the display needs to emphasise the gift element in its design. You can have free rein over the design, however keep ‘one eye’ on the Tesco design guidelines....Read more »