What we do.

We deliver high quality Point of Sale Displays for brands and retailers nationally and internationally.

There are many areas around store to get your brands and products noticed, by visiting stores frequently we strive to find new ways and ideas that can bring exciting opportunities to your products and how they are displayed and promoted around store.

We have a saying – ‘Fresh Air = Market Share’. This simple analogy is fundamental to our way of thinking, where there is ‘empty’ or ‘Fresh Air’ space in store, then there is potential for your product to be sited there, thus creating extra selling space without losing the existing line of stock or fixture within the store. Working with the brand and the retailer, we will develop ideas that can be implemented easily into these ‘White’ spaces, providing both the brand and the retailer with a successful campaign.

Promotional POS (Point of Sale Displays)

Driving your sales through short term promotional displays is paramount to delivering your sales targets. We understand the importance of in-store promotions that influence the shoppers decision in-store. Aligned to the retailer requirements as well as the brand guidelines we combine our knowledge to offer you a solution not only based on the reality of the store environment but also the reality of your budget. Manufacturing Point of Sale Displays for all major retailers including Boots, Tesco and ASDA which include: FSDU’s, FSU’s, OFD’s, Quarter and Full Pallet Displays, Mid-Gondolas, Hotspots, IQM FSDU’s.

Permanent POS.

We aim to give your brands a strong in-store presence that’s made to last. Using the lastest manufacturing techniques and ensuring the most suitable material are used. We will develop idea’s into a reality, ensuring your displays create a lasting impression that your investment deserves!

The Clever Stuff.

By combining store visits with a sound knowledge base, we seek out area’s of store that not only carry the highest footfall, but also give opportunity for us to cross categorise your products providing the ultimate impulse purchase.