Shopper Insight

Delivering success by understanding your shopper

Understanding the shopper trends is the only way we can truly develop our idea’s into POS displays that will influence their buying decisions.

There are many areas around store to get your brands and products noticed. By frequently visiting stores, we strive to find new ways and ideas that can bring exciting opportunities to your products and how they are displayed and promoted.

We have a saying – ‘Fresh Air = Market Share’. This simple analogy is fundamental to our way of thinking, where there is ‘empty’ or ‘Fresh Air’ space in store, then there is potential for your product to be sited there. Potential for your products to be sited there selling without impacting on shelf presence.

Working with the brand and the retailer, we will develop ideas that can be implemented easily into these ‘white’ spaces, providing both the brand and the retailer with a successful campaign.



Extensive store visits
Observing new customer trends in and around store
Retailer research
Finding areas of store that will enable your product to be cross categorised which in turn will drive your impulse sales